I’m still here! January’s been a busy month and I’ve been rather distracted, but more on that later. For now, here is a life update. (more…)


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Fourth Time’s the Charm

My church had a chili cook-off on Sunday. I didn’t think to bring my camera so there aren’t any pictures. Sorry about that.

Anyways, I volunteered to make cornbread because I figured cornbread would be easier than chili.

I was wrong. (more…)

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Health(ier) Sweeteners

Giving up sugar isn’t easy. For one thing, sugar is in just about EVERYTHING! If it isn’t a whole food (i.e. fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meats, etc.), it’s got sugar in it. Breads. Canned veggies. Lunch meats. Even some chips. They all have sugar in them.

Second, it’s hard to identify. Sugar is rarely listed as “sugar” or even “high fructose corn syrup.” Andrew over at Eating Rules has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of sugars many aliases. And this doesn’t even begin to touch on artificial sweeteners like aspartame! Sugars and chemical sweeteners are everywhere.

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Sugar-free Granola

It drives me crazy when a recipe is labeled “sugar free” but calls for exorbitant amounts of honey/maple syrup/brown rice syrup/coconut sugar/etc. It might be free of refined sugar, but anything that calls for a cup of honey should not be touted as sugar free. Such foods should be treated as treats and eaten sparingly. So when I say something is sugar free, I actually mean it. (more…)

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Can It!

Weekend project: can peaches.

Ultimate goal: don’t die of botulism.

Seriously, you should be worried. I am. Actually, my whole family is. (more…)

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Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Muffins

I had a shockingly productive weekend.

I went to a concert on Friday night (in Manhattan no less). I came home, changed, had dinner with a friend and then went back in to the city. Anyone who knows me is shocked. Apart from work, I avoid the island like the plague. A good weekend is one that doesn’t require me to go into the city at all. But this was really fun! The band was Zach Williams and the Bellow. Go check them out. Zach also happens to be the minister of music at my church. I’m not biased or anything. (more…)

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