Socially Solo

I never thought of running as a social activity. That was one of the things that drew me to it in the first place. I’ve never been much of a team player and would gladly take a term paper over a group project any day. (more…)


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I’m still here! January’s been a busy month and I’ve been rather distracted, but more on that later. For now, here is a life update. (more…)

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Sophomore Slump

We all know about the proverbial sophomore slump. Downton Abbey’s 2nd season wasn’t nearly as good as the first. Mumford & Sons much-anticipated 2nd album failed to live up to the hype. Most people agree that “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (the 2nd book) was the worst in the HP series. And let’s not even talk about The Matrix. Or worse, Star Wars. (more…)

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Health(ier) Sweeteners

Giving up sugar isn’t easy. For one thing, sugar is in just about EVERYTHING! If it isn’t a whole food (i.e. fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meats, etc.), it’s got sugar in it. Breads. Canned veggies. Lunch meats. Even some chips. They all have sugar in them.

Second, it’s hard to identify. Sugar is rarely listed as “sugar” or even “high fructose corn syrup.” Andrew over at Eating Rules has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of sugars many aliases. And this doesn’t even begin to touch on artificial sweeteners like aspartame! Sugars and chemical sweeteners are everywhere.

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The Amazing Race

So last weekend I ran a half marathon.

13.1 miles.

It was fun.

Who’d have thought? (more…)

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Can It!

Weekend project: can peaches.

Ultimate goal: don’t die of botulism.

Seriously, you should be worried. I am. Actually, my whole family is. (more…)

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Attitude Adjustment

I am a runner.

Those aren’t particularly easy words for me to type as I don’t really believe them.

Yes, I run. I even enjoy running. But I don’t think of myself as a runner. It is something I am working on changing. (more…)

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