The time has come for me to bring this blog to a close. I put a lot of thought into this decision and will do my best to explain.

This blog has always felt a little rough around the edges. When I started it, I was new to the world of blogging and wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I had direction, lost it, found a new direction, and so on. What started out as a food blog morphed into a food/photography/running/travel/lifestyle blog. It has definitely been a work in progress and I appreciate your sticking with me!

The problem is that I’ve created too much space for myself and it feels overwhelming. Writing with boundaries is infinitely easier and infinitely more difficult than writing whatever you want. Being new to the world of unprocessed foods (and running and photography), I really didn’t feel qualified write about it, especially given how many excellent blogs already cover real food topics. The world didn’t need another food blog which is why I started writing about other topics. But from there things just devolved to the point where the blog became more of a journal and that was never my intention. There was no direction, no purpose, no vision.

I suppose I could try to reclaim this site by creating a new direction or vision, but I won’t. This blog was born in Brooklyn and as my time in Brooklyn draws to an end, so must this blog.

Don’t worry. I won’t disappear altogether! I have learned so much from this first blogging experience and am looking forward to carrying those lessons over to a new blog – Girl Gone Farming. You can join me over there as I chronicle my transition from city gal to farmer lass and all the adventures I’m bound to have.


6 February 2013. That's Life.


  1. cdallke replied:

    Being the author of a small blog myself, I applaud your honesty. I did feel the disorganization from your posts and although sad about that, looking forward to your GREAT new blog! Things must die to be reborn and I will be following and reading! Blessings!!!

    • Becca replied:

      It definitely turned out to be a lot more work than I’d anticipated! When I started out, I thought writing a few times a week would be easy, but it really isn’t. Coming up with ideas for posts, organizing those ideas into something worth posting, finding pictures to go with it..! I feel much better equipped going into this new blog having had this experience.

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