Iceland, Days 6 & 7

We woke up Tuesday morning, packed our bags and headed to the airport by way of the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is a natural geothermal pool that has been transformed into a luxury spa and is one of the most popular attractions in all of Iceland. It is conveniently located 8 short miles from the airport and it is both possible and easy to visit the Lagoon on a lengthy layover.

The mineral rich water ranges in temperature from 98-102°F. This was in sharp contrast with the air that day which was 39°F. Around the lagoon are boxes filled with white silica mud which you apply to your face as you would with any beauty mask. It was weird. And goopy.  Supposedly it is a great anti-aging treatment, but I suspect you have to use it on a regular basis for it to have any real impact. Still, everyone else was doing it so we did, too.

We were feeling good and relaxed as we headed to the airport. We’d been monitoring our flight using Laura’s Kindle so when we arrived at the airport and learned it had been cancelled (thank you, Sandy), we were shocked. Before we could even ask about alternate flights to D.C. or Boston, the gentleman who’d been helping us handed us a voucher for a taxi back into the city, a night at the Hilton Rykjavik Nordia, and complimentary dinner and breakfast at the hotel.

Seriously. If you need to go to Europe, fly Icelandair.

So back we went. We settled in to our (very fancy) room, got some lunch and set about letting our families know we were well and stuck. We also booked another Northern Lights tour figuring we might as well give it one last shot.

We headed out after dinner to hunt for the elusive Aurora Borealis. They drove us out into the middle of nowhere and then we waited. And waited. And waited. It was cold. And dark. And then it started snowing. But still we waited. Many in our group gave up and went back to the bus, but not Laura & me. We stayed out. Running in place. Doing jumping jacks. Anything to stay warm. (Note: I had on 2 pairs of wool socks, silk long underwear, wool long underwear, wind resistant pants & shirt, AND a down coat. I will still cold.)

All for nothing. Those silly lights never made an appearance.

Anyone interested in a trip to northern Canada in January or February? I am determined to see them.

The next day went off without a hitch. We slept in, enjoyed breakfast at the hotel. I may or may not have gorged on some truly amazing smoked salmon. Then we headed to the airport for our flight which took off on time and landed at JFK without incident.

In summary, you should go to Iceland. It is awesome. I am seriously considering going back sometime in the summer when I can rent a car and explore the whole island. It is a trip you won’t regret.


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