Marvelous Mabel

I’m back! Sorry for the silence. Between Iceland (more on that soon…), Sandy and work, I’ve felt a bit swamped the past few weeks. It just hit me this morning that I haven’t properly introduced the newest member of my family, Mabel.

Yes, Mabel is a blender. Yes, I named a kitchen appliance. But you would, too, if you had one.

Mable is a Vitamix, which is pretty much the best blender money can buy. As evidence of what she can do, I give you this video of a BlendTec (a comparable brand that is slight less awesome, but has the best marketing campaign ever):

I don’t intend to try blending a golf club any time soon, but just knowing that she can is cool.

Actually, I’m a little bit intimidated by her. If you know my history with sharp objects (a can of refried beans once sent me to the ER for stitches), you’ll think this fear is quite reasonable.

Anyway, Mable is my new best friend. She makes amazing green smoothies. The consistency is that of a milkshake. You’d never know it was made of spinach and kale. Well, apart from the green hue. She grates cheese. She cooks soup. Yes, I said cooks. The friction of the blade actually produces a steaming soup in about 7-10 minutes. And she cleans herself. What more could you ask for in a kitchen appliance?


7 November 2012. Tags: , , , . That's Life.

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