I haven’t felt much like writing lately. Mostly because I haven’t had much to write about.  Or maybe it’s just the cold dreary weather.

After the race, I planned to take a week off from running to give my body a much-deserved rest. Unfortunately, the weather’s been miserable and the days are getting shorter so it’s been harder getting back into it than I’d anticipated. I miss it, but just can’t talk myself into a 5 mile run after work when it’s cold and rainy out. I did manage 3 miles on my treadmill last night (and plan to do another 3 tonight), but it’s just not the same.

My weekends have been pretty full with service projects and church events so I haven’t had time to can anything. I did try two recipes using soaked whole wheat flour (supposedly soaking the flour deactivates the phytic acids that make grains difficult to digest…), but neither of them really turned out. Oh well!

In other news, I leave for Iceland in 15 days. I am excited and terrified. I’m not worried about safety or anything like that. I’m afraid of how cold it is going to be. The current temperature in Reykjavik is 46°F. That’s cold. I don’t do cold. Praying for good weather so we can see the Northern Lights!


9 October 2012. That's Life.

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  1. laura replied:

    Long underwear time!

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