The Amazing Race

So last weekend I ran a half marathon.

13.1 miles.

It was fun.

Who’d have thought?Laura picked me up at 6:15 a.m. and we made our way to Philly. Parking was a bit stressful as all the of suggested parking garages were on streets that were closed for the race!

The weather was absolutely perfect. It was cool and sunny with a slight breeze. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Honestly, it never really occurred to me that we wouldn’t have good weather. Had it been raining and miserable, I’m not sure I would’ve gone through with it. Thankfully, we never had to think about that.

We got to the race, checked Laura’s bag and found our corral. Then we waited. We were pretty far back (group 19) so we didn’t actually reach the starting line until 30 minutes after the 1st group had taken off. By that point, people were done with the downtown loop and were passing us on their way to Kelly Drive. For those of you who know Philadelphia, here’s the course: Philly Half Course

Laura and I ran together for the first 1.5 miles or so and then we split up to settle into our own pace. After that, there’s really not much exciting to tell. We ran. And ran. And ran some more. There were bands a long the course which was a lot of fun. Also, if you enjoy people watching, go to a race. It’s even better than going to the airport!

Our families were waiting for us at the finish line (thanks!) and met up with us after bearing t-shirts, coconut water, bananas, and almond butter. (Real food recovery! So much better than Gatorade and a protein bar.) Manda thought she was being clever when she ordered my t-shirt which says “Half Crazy is Still Crazy. 13.1.” The joke’s on her because last week she signed up for the Disney Princess half with me (she’d already ordered the shirt). So she’s half crazy, too. HA!


21 September 2012. Tags: , , , . Running, That's Life.


  1. Laura replied:

    LOVE IT! and love you! Thank you for doing it with me. It was a most amazing experience and now we have bragging rights!

  2. Rachel replied:

    You gals are awesome!! Wish I could have seen it myself! Congratulations!

  3. Aunt Jeanette replied:

    Proud of both of you!

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    […] race is in 13½ weeks, but I am struggling to run regularly. I’ve lost some of my drive. With one race under my belt, I no longer feel the intense pressure to train lest I humiliate myself by passing out at mile […]

  5. 2013 « Pray. Eat. Run. Write. replied:

    […] ran my first race. A half-marathon. Go big or go home, […]

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