Health(ier) Sweeteners

Giving up sugar isn’t easy. For one thing, sugar is in just about EVERYTHING! If it isn’t a whole food (i.e. fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meats, etc.), it’s got sugar in it. Breads. Canned veggies. Lunch meats. Even some chips. They all have sugar in them.

Second, it’s hard to identify. Sugar is rarely listed as “sugar” or even “high fructose corn syrup.” Andrew over at Eating Rules has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of sugars many aliases. And this doesn’t even begin to touch on artificial sweeteners like aspartame! Sugars and chemical sweeteners are everywhere.


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The Amazing Race

So last weekend I ran a half marathon.

13.1 miles.

It was fun.

Who’d have thought? (more…)

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Genetic Roulette

I survived my race and will do a post on it soon. Promise.

Until then, watch this documentary. If you are looking for motivation going into October Unprocessed, this is it. Allergies. Skin conditions. Digestive disorders. All linked to GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

It’s long (1.5 hours), but worth it.

For more information on GMOs:

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In three days I canned 3 pints of tomatoes, 5 pints of peaches, and six half pints of peach jam (12 4-ounce jars)! I realize this is nothing next to my mother who can can dozens of jars of jelly in one evening, but for a first-timer I think I did pretty well. What’s more, all of the jars sealed! Now that is what I call success. (more…)

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Sugar-free Granola

It drives me crazy when a recipe is labeled “sugar free” but calls for exorbitant amounts of honey/maple syrup/brown rice syrup/coconut sugar/etc. It might be free of refined sugar, but anything that calls for a cup of honey should not be touted as sugar free. Such foods should be treated as treats and eaten sparingly. So when I say something is sugar free, I actually mean it. (more…)

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It worked! All 3 jars sealed.

Bring it on, Mayans. I am ready for your end of the world. Just as soon as I tackle today’s batch of peaches.


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What a day!

Today began with such promise. I woke up at a decent hour and was greeted by a beautiful day. I had a great run (11.75 miles!) and made some delicious sugar-free granola. More on the granola later.

From there, things got…interesting. (more…)

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