Can It!

Weekend project: can peaches.

Ultimate goal: don’t die of botulism.

Seriously, you should be worried. I am. Actually, my whole family is.I called my grandmother up last weekend to ask her about canning. If there was ever an expert on the subject, it would be her. She is a country girl through and through. If you can can it, she probably has.

Anyways, when I told her my plans, she laughed at me. No, with me. Cause let’s be honest, the idea of me canning is pretty amusing. When I told my mom I was thinking about getting a pressure canner (a must for canning veggies), she expressed concern that I’d blow up my kitchen.

Even so, the idea of canning appeals to me. I like that I can preserve summer’s bounty and enjoy it all winter. And I love that I can control the ingredients and that my money won’t be doing to Monsanto subsidiaries. I can get fresh, organic produce at the farmers’ market (buy local!) now and enjoy it all year round. I realize I’m a bit late this year, but I’ll be all set by the time next spring rolls around.

Beyond that, I really do need a hobby. Sadly, sleeping doesn’t count. Running does, but it doesn’t really produce anything. My mom makes jelly every year using berries from my dad’s garden. My sister and I used to take jelly into our teachers every Christmas and I remember how excited they would get about it. I want a hobby like that. One with a giftable finished product. (Be warned: you are all getting jars of botulism for Christmas.)

My fun new instruments of torture. Mwahaha…

I’m starting with the most basic thing I could think of: peaches. Blanch them. Peel them. Put them in a jar with sugar water. Boil them. That’s it. How can I possibly mess this up? Right? We won’t discuss the time I burnt scrambled eggs. Twice. In one week. This past week to be exact.

I’ll be using coconut sugar and/or honey instead of white sugar. I also got some Pomona’s Pectin in case I’m feeling brave and want to try canning some jam, too. Pomona’s is different from normal pectin because it reacts with calcium (included when you buy it) instead of sugar. That means you can use natural sweeteners and a whole lot less of them than you’d need with something like Sure-Jell.

If all goes well, these jars will soon be filled with all kinds of goodness.

Wish me luck!


31 August 2012. Tags: , , , . Healthy Living, Real Food.


  1. Jeff replied:

    Grandma absolutely loved this post, wish you could have seen her face as we read this together. Christmas will never be the same!!!

    • Becca replied:

      So glad she liked it! Hopefully she likes my canned peaches as much as the post 🙂

  2. masonjarsandmixingbowls replied:

    I also started canning with jam over two years ago. Now I can homemade chicken stock, soup with meat in it, green beans, and more jam then I could ever imagine. It is hands down the best hobby I ever got in to.
    A pressure cooker is totally worth it, and I doubt you’d blow anything up. I hope you enjoy canning as much as I do!

  3. thescientistandthehealthnut replied:

    Good luck! I’ve never canned anything before…I am also afraid of the whole botulism thing (I mean really, it’s a big deal!). Hope it works out!

    • Becca replied:

      Thanks! The tomatoes went well and I just finished up a batch of peaches. Tomorrow I’m going to try peach jam and next weekend is peach salsa. I figure I gotta get my fill of peaches while I can!

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