Baby Steps

Vacation pictures are * almost * ready!

Until then, here’s another picture-less post. Sorry.

I want to do a series of posts for people who are interested in transition to a less processed way of eating, but aren’t quite sure where to start.When I made the switch to whole foods, I went all in because that’s my personality. Cold turkey. All or nothing. You get the idea. I purged my pantry of processed junk and restocked it with fruits and veggies and whole grains.

The problem? I had no idea what to do with any of it. When it came to vegetables, I’d never done more than steam broccoli. My only experiences with whole grains involved instant oatmeal or popcorn. As for cooking meat…I was completely lost. What should have been simple and easy meals took hours for me make. It was frustrating.

I ate a lot of eggs.

Now I don’t think twice about whipping up some whole grain biscuits and roasted veggies to pair with some baked chicken. But it took time to get there.

An alternative, probably superior, method is to make the transition slowly. A great place to start is your own pantry. Make a list of foods you eat regularly and think about ways you could make them less processed. Do you love peanut butter? Look for a brand whose only ingredients are peanuts and salt. Can’t live without bread? Find a local bakery and buy fresh-baked loaves (whole wheat and sour dough are great options). Is yogurt or oatmeal a daily staple for you? Get the plain varieties and add your own toppings. Start buying fresh or frozen veggies instead of canned.

Maybe you commit to replacing one processed food every week. Maybe you decide to make one meal a day free of processed foods. Maybe you decide to make one meal a week completely from scratch. These little changes make a difference. And once you’ve made one small change, the next one becomes easier!


13 August 2012. Tags: , . Healthy Living.

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