Starting With a Bang

As of 5:30 last nigh, my vacation officially commenced! It started with a bang. Or a flash. Literally. There was an awesome thunder storm going on while I packed.

I woke up this morning to a surprise houseguest.



19 July 2012. That's Life. Leave a comment.

Kale Chips

Kale chips have been all the rage of the blog world of late. Seems everyone is just raving about how wonderful they are.

I was skeptical.

When I am craving a chip, I want something crisp and salty. I’ve tried my own “chips” before – apple, sweet potato, etc. – without much luck. No matter how long I cook them, they always seem to come out on the mushy side. And while these experiments rarely taste bad, they certainly don’t satisfy a chip craving. (more…)

16 July 2012. Healthy Living, Just Enough, Recipes/Reviews. Leave a comment.

Summer’s Bounty

I love living close to home! And by “close” I mean within a day’s drive. Compared to South Carolina (college) and China (post-college), New York is practically next door to my family. It’s nice to be able to visit on a whim should I feel like it. (more…)

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Heat Wave

It’s hot.

Too hot to cook. Too hot to run. Too hot to take pictures (well, too hot to haul my camera around). Too hot to think. And, therefore, too hot to write. (more…)

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