In the Land of Legos and Dinosaurs

It’s official. I am old.

My sister (Amanda) and her husband (Joel) brought his 9-year old nephew up to visit over the weekend. His birthday was last week and this trip was their present to him. They got in Friday night around 9:00 p.m. and left on Saturday around the same time.

3.5 adults (Joel’s cousin Jason joined us halfway through Saturday’s adventures) to one child for a mere 24 hours.

2 full nights of sleep and a 2 hour nap later, I’m still recovering. In fact, it’s about time for another cup of coffee…

It really was a wonderful weekend! If Aidan had as much fun as I did, then it was definitely a success.

Saturday started with a quick trip to the farmers’ market (I don’t skip my weekly trip for anyone, especially now that everything is fresh and local!) and La Bagel Delight where Amanda and I picked up hand-rolled, fresh-made bagels and ‘schmear’ to go with the local sausage Joel and Aidan were frying up back at the apartment.

Once we’d eaten our fill, we headed out for the first of many subway rides.

Our first stop was Times Square. I was blown away by how empty it was! Note to self : any future trips to Times Square should be scheduled before 10:00 a.m.

What do you do in Times Square with a 9-year old boy? Toys ‘R Us, of course!

We saw Lego replicas of the Hulk, the Statue of Liberty, The Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, an NYPD chopper, and several other creations. Actually, Toys ‘R Us has more Lego creations than the Lego store. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

After we’d seen all there was to see in Times Square, we headed over to St. Luke’s Theater to see an off-Broadway production of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” I was a little worried when we got the program and there were only 2 actors! But it was really well done. Very creative!

Then it was off to Rockefeller to visit Nintendo…

I’m not sure who was most engrossed in their game.

…and Lego!

Aidan had plenty of birthday money to spend and made some great purchases. If he’s anything like his Uncle Joel, the X-wing and TIE Fighter are already assembled.

All that shopping left us feeling pretty hungry so we headed up to Shake Shack where we met up with Joel’s cousin Jason.

Then it was off to the Museum of Natural History for the rest of the afternoon.

Who knew there were so many different types of deer (antelope?) in Africa?

The dinosaurs were the obvious highlight. We adults reminisced about “Land Before Time.” They just don’t make movies like that any more…(again, I’m getting old).

Until we almost lost Aidan to one!

Thankfully, we all made it out alive!

After that it was off to dinner and then back to Brooklyn where Joel fueled up on some coffee for the drive home and I promptly fell asleep the moment they left.

I can’t speak for Aidan, but I’d say it was a pretty good present. Then again, isn’t that what aunts and uncles are for?


11 June 2012. Photography, That's Life.


  1. Merianna Neely replied:

    I feel you! I just went to a wedding as my three nephews’ babysitter and I am still recovering! But like you say, that’s what aunts are for : )

    • Becca replied:

      Aww! So much fun. Aidan is a great kid so that made it easier, but I was still completely worn out.

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