I chose the title “Pray. Eat. Run. Write.” because those are things that are important to me. They are things I value and which greatly enrich my life. For me, they are the kind of life-giving activities where I lose track of everything around me. I become absorbed, focused, “in the zone.”

I write a lot about eating and running, but have barely touched on faith thus far. It’s not because it’s less important to me. It is the single most important thing in my life. I just haven’t been sure how to best broach the subject. No one is going to take offense at ramblings on my love of running or portabella mushrooms. Faith is a bit trickier.

For most of my life, I bought into the idea that faith was a private matter, best kept to oneself. I didn’t deny my beliefs and was hesitantly willing to discuss them only if someone else initiated the conversation. I rarely sought out opportunities to discuss Christianity.

Since moving to Brooklyn and finding a church home at Trinity Grace Church, I’ve come to see that my faith is not a private matter. Christianity is expressed in and through community. I can sit at home and pray or read the Bible, but I can’t live out the principles, such as”Love your neighbor as yourself,” if I’m not actively engaging with my neighbors.

Who are my neighbors? Jesus answered that question far better than I ever could. My neighbors are the people in my church, at my work, on the subway, in my building, reading my blog. Everyone I meet is my neighbor.

My belief that there is a God, that He loves me, that He created me with intention, that He has a plan for my life is what gives meaning and purpose to my days. He is the reason I choose to eat healthily and to exercise, to care for the body He has given me. The joy I find in writing and in photography comes from Him. His love for me is the driving force behind all that I do.

If I kept Him to myself and didn’t share Him with you all, my neighbors, would that be very loving of me?

This is not about evangelizing and I’m not interested in starting any theological debates here. There are times and places for each of those. This blog is not it. This blog is simply a way for me to share my life with whoever wants to read about it. To not talk about my faith would be to conceal a huge part of myself from you and that goes against my desire to simply be myself.

Anyways, just wanted to give everyone a fair heads up!


27 May 2012. Faith Hope Love.

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