Falling for Gimicks

May 24: Something New (stop judging my obsession)

May 25: Unusual (an empty sink! Didn’t last long.)

And with that I am all caught up on photos…for now.

On a wholly unrelated note, my new all-natural sunscreen came today!

I’m interested to see how well it works. I learned years ago, and very much the hard way, that I cannot tan. I burn, but it never fades into a nice tan. I just go from bright red back to ghostly white. These days, I don’t even bother trying. I’m a little worried because SPF 30 is actually really low for me. Normally I stick to 90 or higher. I’ll put it to the test on Monday at my church’s Memorial Day picnic.

I’ve always considered myself to be above marketing gimmicks. I don’t buy things because some subway advertisement tells me I need it or it will make my life infinitely better. I think for myself, thank you. I do my research. I seek out products that are local, sustainable, organic, and/or fair trade. I prefer small businesses to big chains. I choose companies who place their responsibility to society above their responsibility to share holders. Yes, I am that girl.

Imagine my shock when my best friend called me out on being a sucker for marketing gimmicks. Me? I don’t think so. She was visiting and I was out of peanut butter. This is practically a national emergency in my apartment so off we went to the grocery store. I picked up my usual brand – Once Again – and started telling Laura all about it. How they are employee-owned, based in NY, have sustainable practices, give x% of their profits to charity, blah blah blah. I’m sure I was driving her crazy. Finally she stopped me and asked “Are you sure you don’t just buy it because of the raccoon?”

Touché. She knows me well. This is why we’ve been friends for 20 21 years. (Wow. Reading that makes me feel old.) Anyways, I realized she was right. There were plenty of other all-natural, organic, eco-friendly peanut butters in the store. Some were cheaper than the Once Again brand I was so fond of and the others probably tasted just as good. So why did I gravitate towards it? The cute raccoon was the only explanation.

I started thinking about some of my other favorite products.

Kodiak Cakes

Wild Planet Tuna (notice the turtle & dolphin?)

Ronnybrook Farms Milk

I’m currently out of Brown Cow yogurt and Barbara’s cereal (whose mascot is a puffin), but they, too, have cute animals on their packaging. My favorite chocolate is a brand called Endangered Species. Guess what’s on their labels?

There you have it. I am a sucker for gimicks, just like the rest of the world. So much for being a free and independent thinker! I guess we all have our weaknesses. Mine happens to be animals.


25 May 2012. My Favorite Things, Photography.

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