The Great Googa Mooga

This past weekend was The Great Googa Mooga, a huge food/wine/music festival in Prospect Park.

I have no idea where they got the name.

A friend and I went on Sunday after church. We were a bit apprehensive going into it as we’d heard less than stellar reviews from friends who had gone on Saturday. Crazy crowds. Long lines. Exorbitant prices. We went prepared with bathing suits and towels so we could flee to the other side of the park to lay out if it was as bad as everyone said.

Maybe Sunday was less crowded. Maybe we had lower expectations. Regardless, we had a great time!

Yes it was crowded and the lines were long, but all of the food vendors have real locations throughout the city so we just went for the shortest lines. We enjoyed deep-fried risotto balls, amazing pastrami-on-rye deli sandwiches, chicken fingers with homemade BBQ sauce, and vanilla milkshakes.

I apologize that there aren’t more photos. I was distracted by all the deliciousness and forgot about my camera.

After we’d eaten our fill, we discovered Hamageddon – an entire section devoted to bacon and other assorted pork products.

Sadly, we were too full to attempt the “bacon flight” – seven varieties of bacon, fried to perfection. But we did enjoy watching the real pig roasting in the belly of the giant metal pig statue. Twisted? A bit.

Once we’d eaten our way through the festival, the sun was still shining so we decided to go ahead and lay out for a bit. It was a beautiful day and after all the rain we’ve been having, I wanted to soak up every minute of it.

Public Service Announcement:

Be kind to your body. Wear sunscreen. Do as I say, not as I do.


23 May 2012. Healthy Living, No Sleep Til Brooklyn.

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