A Little Twisted Humor

I was not looking forward to today’s photo assignment. “Bird.”

I do not like birds. Growing up, my sister had a pet bird and it was, by far, the worst pet we ever had. That bird was downright spiteful. I’m amazed it lasted as long as it did.

Living in New York, the only birds I encounter or a regular basis are pigeons. And let’s be honest, they are just rats with wings. Actually, that is an insult to rats, animals I rather like.

I had no intention of going out of my way to snap a shot of a pigeon so I took a little creative license on this one.

I give you eggs (scrambled with feta and chives for breakfast)…

…and chicken salad (lunch).

For the bird lovers out there, both the eggs and the chicken came from local farms where the chickens are humanely treated (free-range, healthy diet, etc.).

And they were quite tasty.

I had every intention of having a highly productive Saturday. It was rainy. I was going to clean, bake and blog. Instead I went to see The Avengers. Definitely the right choice.


5 May 2012. Photography.

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