Today’s photography assignment was “fun.”

This caused me some stress.

Just try to define fun. It’s hard. Somedays I think running is fun. Others, not so much. Ask me in July if snow is fun and I’ll reply with an enthusiastic “absolutely!” Ask me that same question mid-January after a blizzard and you’ll get a different answer. Fun is subjective. Fun depends on the time, the weather, my mood, the company…you get the picture.

Today, “fun” was wandering in the park after work (the sun was out and it was almost 70! A much-appreciated change from the cold rain.).

I love living just a few blocks away from the park. It’s not nearly as big as Central Park, but I prefer it. Well, I prefer everything in Brooklyn. Look, not a building in site! You don’t get that in CP.

This is a random bright pink brownstone that I passed on my walk. It was pretty fun.

Finally, this isn’t really fun, but these urns were all around the main entrance to the park. Am I the only one who thinks they’d be more appropriately placed in the Slytherin common room? (If you don’t get this, go read Harry Potter.) Snakes are neither friendly nor welcoming. I don’t get it.


4 May 2012. Photography.

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