A Confession

Today’s photography assignment was “Skyline.”

I had some pretty lofty ambitions for this one. I mean, it’s not like I work in the city with the best skyline in the world or anything… Not to mention that just yesterday the new World Trade Center building surpassed the Empire State Building as the tallest building in the city. Talk about an awesome moment to photography the NYC skyline!

I was going to get up and go to the Top of the Rock observation deck before work to get some shots. But it was raining so I took a few half-hearted shots out of our conference room window instead. Then I was going to go up at lunch. However, work was CRAZY today and I just was thankful to find 10 minutes around 2:30 p.m. to scarf down some salad. Then I was going to go after work, but after all the craziness of the day, I just wanted to go home. Plus, it was still grey out and I’d forgotten to change to my wider angled lens so it seemed like it would be a waste of time and money.

Here is my confession: I had every intention of cheating. My plan was to post this old photo and call it a day:

Sadly, anyone in NYC would know see right through my deception as the sun did not make an appearance at any point today.

As I exited the subway in Brooklyn, I felt guilted in to dragging out my camera and taking a few more shots on my walk home. My expectations for these shots were unbelievably low. I didn’t even bother checking them on my camera as I snapped them. I was fully resigned to a day of photographic disappointment.

Then I got them on my computer and was more than a little pleasantly surprised. In fact, after a little help from Adobe, I realized I had several good shots and couldn’t pick just one to be the photo of the day. So I figured I’d just share them all and let you decide which one you like best.


2 May 2012. Photography, That's Life.

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