A Photo A Day In May

A few months ago, I did a 30 day photo challenges. It was a fun way to force me to use my camera and get creative. Lately, my camera’s been feeling a bit neglected so I decided it was time to find another “assignment.” I found this one on Pinterest. Feel free to follow along (or grab your camera and join in).

May 1: Peace

I would just like to say that I am not a collector of Beanie Babies. At least, not anymore. There is a story behind this particular bear and why I have it in my apartment.

Tara and I met in 9th grade. We could not have been more different. She shopped at Ann Taylor and Talbots while I preferred American Eagle. She had a pair of high heels to match every outfit; I wore nothing but Converse sneakers. She listened to Phantom of the Opera; I preferred Rent. She craved structure and order; I longed for independence and pushed against every established rule. She was a Type A perfectionist, going above and beyond on every assignment, while I procrastinated and did just enough to get me into the college of my choice. In the world of Desperate Housewives – one thing we do agree on – she is composed Bree and I’m somewhere between feisty Lynette and flakey Susan. Despite our many differences, something clicked and we became fast friends.

To Tara, and to our small, Christian school, I was something of a radical. I wasn’t rebellious per say, but I loved politics and held some strong opinions which I wasn’t afraid to voice. My youthful views on war, gay rights, social welfare, taxation, immigration, the death penalty, women’s rights and pretty much every other major political issue were definitely left of center in our conservative bubble.

When we graduated, Tara gave me – her crazy, hippy friend – this tie-dyed, hippy Beanie Baby. It traveled to college with me and waited patiently in Delaware for my return from China. When I moved to New York, it never occurred to me to not bring it along for the adventure. It draws me back to my adolescent idealism and reminds me that if two people as different as Tara and I can find common ground on which to build a lasting friendship, surely world peace is possible!

(The daisy is because “Daisies are the friendliest flowers.” You’ve Got Mail is another thing we agree on.)


1 May 2012. Photography, That's Life.

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    Charming work. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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