A Salad a Day

I don’t like salads. Unless they are smothered in ranch dressing, cheese, and bacon bits. Yes, I am a stereotypical American. Feel free to judge. I deserve it.

That being said, I am trying to develop a taste for salads. They are the ideal meal. Healthy, easy, cheap, and transportable. What more could you want from a food? Grab some veggies, throw it all in a bowl and enjoy. No cooking involved and minimal dirty dishes.

It has been my experience that if I force myself to eat something I don’t like because it is good for me, I eventually develop a taste for it. (At the very least I learn to control my gag reflux.) I found this out the hard way while living in China. I did some tutoring for a Korean expat family and the mom would always bring Hong Ru and me snacks while we worked on his reading. Frequently cherry tomatoes were involved.

I hate(d) tomatoes, but didn’t want to be rude so I ate them. The mother spoke no English so I couldn’t even politely decline or explain that I wasn’t a fan. Week after week tomatoes would be served and my only option was to eat up. It wasn’t long until I started to actually enjoy them. The same thing happened with mushrooms and avocados – I made myself eat them because I knew they were good for me and eventually I learned to like them.

I’m applying this theory to salads. I plan to eat one (entree) salad a day, every day for the next two weeks.

We’ll see how long this lasts. Hopefully, putting it out there for you all to read will help keep me accountable.


30 April 2012. Healthy Living.

One Comment

  1. Aunt Jeanette replied:

    Good luck with the salads! Try oil and vinegar as a dressing.

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