Sweet Potato Egg Boats

Farmers’ markets are beautiful and dangerous places. I love all the fresh, local, seasonal produce and am frequently overcome with an urge to buy everything I see. That’s how I ended up with a bag full of sweet potatoes. They weren’t on the list and I had no real plan of what I’d do with them, but I just couldn’t resist.

When this happens (which it always does), I turn to Pinterest and Food Gawker for ideas. These sites have saved many innocent vegetables from certain decay in depths of my refrigerator.

In my quest for sweet potato recipes that didn’t involve me baking them with brown sugar, butter and pecans, Food Gawker led me to Ashley’s Edible Perspective and her recipe for sweet potato boats. Eggs baked in a sweet potato? I was intrigued and decided to give it a try.

My sweet potatoes were pretty small so I had to make some adjustments. Plus, it didn’t seem like a recipe that would keep well so I wanted to make just enough for my dinner without any leftovers.

I started by partially baking my sweet potatoes (I used two very small ones, but one large one would probably be better) for 25-30 minutes at 400°F. They should be be soft, but not totally cooked.

While they were cooking, I…

  • Diced one chive
  • Diced some mushrooms (aproximately ¼ C)
  • Whisked together 1T cream cheese (cottage cheese would probably work, too) and 1 large egg
  • Added the chives and mushrooms to egg/cheese mixture
  • Added salt and pepper (I didn’t measure these)

When the sweet potatoes are done, you want to partially hollow them out. Remove about ¾ of the sweet potato (don’t throw it out! Save it for tomorrow’s lunch.) so you create a nice crater. Think “bread bowl” as you are scooping. You want enough space to fit your egg mixture, but you also want enough sweet potato left to enjoy.

Fill the hole with your egg mixture and return it to the over for another 25 minutes.


This dish was so simple and really delicious. The only downside is how long it takes. It’s not work intensive, but was an hour from start to finish which is much too long in my book. I would make this again, but it’s definitely not a week night dinner.


29 April 2012. Just Enough, Recipes/Reviews.

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