Recipe Review: Creamy Avocado Pasta

Pasta is one of my favorite meals. It’s fast, easy, cheap and almost always a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t love spaghetti?

That being said, it can get also get boring pretty quickly. Especially when you eliminate all sauces containing sugars/preservatives/etc. I’ve been switching between a clean marinara and a clean vodka sauce, but the whole tomato-based sauce routine gets old. There’s always the olive oil and sauteed veggies option, but chopping a bunch of fresh vegetables isn’t exactly fast or easy. What I really wanted something creamy, but knew I would never find a clean version in the store and making my own from scratch, like chopping veggies, completely defeats the “fast, easy, and cheap” aspect.

The other day I came across several recipes for an avocado-based pasta sauce and I decided to try it. I’m not very good at following directions (which is why so many of my baking experiments fail miserably!), but I used these recipes as my starting point:

There are plenty more recipes out there, but I was going for simple and fast.

 Here’s what I did:

  • Cook your pasta of choice according to the package (I used 1 C of 100% whole wheat)
  • Mash your avocado well with a fork and mix with Greek yogurt (I used 1 small avocado which was about ½ C mashed and ½ C 2% Fage yogurt. Also, I did all of my mashing and mixing with a fork and it was perfectly smooth.)
  • Add lemon juice(or lime – whatever you have on hand), salt and pepper to taste to the avocado/yogurt mix
  • Toss with drained pasta
  • Add any other toppings (I added canned  tuna. Nuts, grilled chicken, and/or chickpeas would also work well. )
  • Eat!

What I made was enough for two servings so I put the rest in the fridge for lunch the next day. I enjoyed it cold because several people had commented that avocado does not heat/cook well. I actually preferred it cold, however, the sauce had turned kind of brown and my stomach felt a little queasy afterwards. Not sure if the two are related or not. My recommendation would be to cook the pasta ahead of time and let it chill before tossing it with the sauce. Make just enough and if there are leftovers, toss them. If you can’t bear to throw food out, wrap it tightly in saran wrap before storing it and eat it within 24 hours.


28 April 2012. Recipes/Reviews.

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