An Apology and An Update

I’m back…!

And I sincerely apologize for the lengthy absence. Consistency and long-term commitments are not strengths of mine. I am a conceptualizer. For me, the excitement is in coming up with a new idea or getting a new project started. Once the kinks have been ironed out and a routine has been established, I get bored and move on to something new. I am a classic INTP.

Don’t believe me? Come visit my apartment. There you will find a keyboard I rarely play; an array of partially knitted scarves; half-finished scrapbooks; piles of blank canvases, stacks of photos, and yards of fabric that I had every intention of turning into wall hangings. You get the picture.

This blog became one more victim of my personality. To be honest, I’m surprised I kept it up as long as I did. Then life happened. Work got busy. Things came up. Life happened. And I missed a post. Then two. Then a whole week. To be honest, I didn’t think it really mattered. I didn’t think anyone (other than my mom and sister) was reading it and so I didn’t feel any pressure to keep going. Eventually I stopped pretending that I’d “catch up next week.”

Even though I wasn’t writing, I was thinking. The ease with which I gave it all up made me why I started the blog in the first place. In typical me fashion, I’d started it on a whim, a New Year’s Resolution of sorts. The idea popped into my head and I ran with it without putting a lot of thought into the purpose and mission behind it. I had the “what” figured out, but not the “why” and I am the kind of person who needs a good “why” to keep a project going. That’s what I’ve been thinking about for the past month-ish. Why did I start this blog? What was my goal?

I realized pretty quickly that the world didn’t really need another food blog. If you search “food blog” on Google, you’ll get over 3 billion results delivered in less than 1 second. Three billion. There are only 7 billion people alive at this moment. Clearly, my little real food experiment was not filling some vital niche for which the world had been clamoring. And with a degree in Asian Studies and Political Science, I’m not exactly qualified to write about healthy eating and nutrition. If my driving “why” is to educate my readers on food and nutrition, well, I’m setting myself up for failure. And possibly a law suit…!

But…what if that isn’t my “why?” What if my “why” is simply to write for the sake of writing? To share my thoughts and experiences with those of you who want to know about them? To connect with the larger world? I love to write. Always have. There’s something about language that fascinates me. That we as a society have concocted a set of scribbles and grunts and attributed meaning to them fascinates me. That I can scribble and grunt and you, assuming you have been trained in the same set of scribbles and grunts, can derive meaning from it – the very same meaning I intended for you to derive – is truly amazing. If you really think about it, that you are reading this right now and (hopefully) are understanding what I have written is extraordinary! And that other societies have come up with completely different ways of scribbling and grunting and that those ways work just as well. It’s mind-boggling.

(I could keep going, but that’s probably enough linguistic philosophizing for now.)

The point is, while I may have started this blog to chronicle my foray into health(ier) eating, that my ultimate goal was never to create a food blog. My goal, which I didn’t realize back in January, was to create a space wherein I could connect with the larger world through my life and writing. My life is so much bigger than the foods I eat and I wanted a space that would allow me to share those other aspects of my life, too. My faith. My opinions. My experiences. My (non-food) photography. My habits and rhythms. And, yes, my food. So, I changed the name from “The Real Food Experiment” to “Pray Eat Run Write” to better encompass my greater goal. (Not the most original name. Sorry for that.)

I hope you will join me as I continue on this journey. I will do my best to post regularly (though maybe not every day) and I invite you to call me out if I start to slack.

I promise that there will still be food involved.


12 April 2012. That's Life.

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