Golden Cornbread

Some things in life are better off in pairs. Spaghetti and meatballs. Oreos and milk. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream. So what kind of hostess would I have been had I served my chili without a side of cornbread? Not a very good one.

I could’ve taken the easy route…

…but then I couldn’t have eaten any! So I set out to find a real food approved cornbread recipe. Seriously, what did we do before Google?

My search led me to’s Golden Cornbread. It was perfect! Not only was it sweetened with honey, it actually called for whole wheat flour which meant I didn’t have to bother experimenting.

I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out perfectly!

It was a little crumbly, but didn’t taste dry. Also, I’m not sure where they came up with 8 as the number of servings, but I got 24 brownie-sized squares out of my batch. Most people had two pieces so it definitely serves closer to 12 or even 14 depending on how hungry your guests are and how many other dishes are served.

For anyone who might be wondering, those nutrition stats on the website are correct. 552 calories. Per serving. BUT, that’s based on only 8 servings. Phew! I ran the numbers based on the exact ingredients I used and it came to 155 calories per serving based on 24 servings. So much more reasonable. For those of you out there (and I know you are out there because normally I am that person) who are saying “But to go from 8 servings to 24 servings, you multiply by 3. 552 divided by 3 equals 184, not 155,” my numbers were slightly lower because I used low-fat, cultured buttermilk. If you are counting calories, you could substitute plain non-fat yogurt (Greek or regular) for the buttermilk, which I will probably try next time I make it. To provide some perspective, one serving of Jiffy cornbread has 170 calories. Since each of my squares was about the same size as a Jiffy muffin, real food wins this one!


12 February 2012. Recipes/Reviews.

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