Braised Chestnuts & Brussels Sprouts with Thyme

Roost is one of my favorite food blogs. Healthy, delicious-sounding recipes plus stunning photography. What more could you want?

Last night I attempted my first recipe from Roost: Braised Chestnuts & Brussels Sprouts with Thyme. I cut the recipe in half and made a few changes because I didn’t have vegetable stock or white wine and didn’t feel like buying them for the small quantities I needed. I replaced the veggie stock with chicken stock and the white wine with diluted apple cider vinegar. I also threw in some walnuts because I didn’t have quite enough chestnuts.

My first task was to roast the chestnuts. I did this the night before. None of them exploded (success!), but I was a little disappointed that I had to use my oven instead of an open fire. Next time…

After that, it was so easy! Sauté the brussels and nuts in butter for 10 minutes. Braise in the stock/cider concoction for another 20 minutes or so, until the liquid cooks down.

Dinner is served.

It was delicious. The apple cider vinegar gave it a bit of a sweet twang which went very nicely with the chestnuts. The Brussels were perfectly cooked. The sautéing gave them a bit of a smoky flavor while the braising brought out their natural sweetness. The walnuts (my addition) introduced a nice crunch. It needed only the tiniest dash of salt as the overall flavor from the thyme, stock, and vinegar was quite good.


  • Taste: A+
  • Ease: A
  • Time: A (30 minutes if your chestnuts are roasted, 60 if they aren’t)
  • Clean up: A (you can roast, sauté, and braise in a single oven-safe skillet)
  • Serving size: A

13 January 2012. Recipes/Reviews.


  1. laura replied:

    I can solve the open fire with my fire pit!

  2. Becca replied:

    Excellent! You provide the fire. I’ll provide the food.

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